Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 Year Anniversary

As hard as it is for me to believe, today marks 2 years that I was hospitalized for severe complications due to anorexia. It doesn't seem like it's been that long...but then again it seems like it's been forever.

The memories of laying in that hospital bed are still very vivid in my mind. I can remember the constant raging war going on in my mind. I remember the days that I felt so huge I just wanted to die. I can still remember the food I had to eat. The sinking feeling in my chest when it was time to eat...oh, and I certainly remember the many tornado warnings when I had to go out in the hallway!
The nights I cried myself to sleep when my parents had to leave...the 5 minute showers...the meal planning with my nutritionist...the talks with my occupational therapist...and the bet part, my time with my physical therapist when I actually got to stretch! The annoying fact that I couldn't get out of bed...I couldn't go to the bathroom without a nurse...the list goes on and on. People have no idea what it's was a painful experience, but it kept me from dying.

While I've had many relapses since being hospitalized, the hospital jump started my recovery and got me going on the right path. It was a PAiNFUL 8 days...but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Prayer got me through those nights, and the days and nights after that...I continue to pray to my amazing God for deliverance, healing and freedom from this deadly disease. Never will I stop God is an awesome God! (:

"NEVER STOP PRAYiNG!"-1 Thessalonians 5:17


  1. I am Angel Champions brother in law, and I saw this blog through her FB account...I want you to know you are a great writer, and the fact that you are willing to share your struggles is inspiring to me. I am a United Methodist pastor, and I wish I could be as open and honest as you are in this blog...Thanks so much and keep writing...

  2. WOW is the only word that comes to mind in addition to Thank you Jesus! I came across your blog by accident and read your intro and it drove me to continue reading. I am totally amazed and uplifted with your journey and testimony. I love the way you give all glory to God for your recovery process. I see you humbleness and desire to be delivered from this and you are definately well on your way. Keep seeking HIM and you definately cant go wrong! Thank you for your boldness, honesty, and transparency. I pray God continues to strengthen you day by day.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing, i have so many friends who have struggled like you have. I wish i could say all of them did or are doing as well as you are. Congratulations on your 2year anniversary of awaking and stepping forward God has truly blessed you to see what was really happening to you. May god bless you to see 90years more.

    Ps someone slap Joven for spamming such a beautiful blog.

  4. Kaitlyn,
    Just stumbled on your blog and wanted, first, to thank you for sharing about your struggles so transparently. You probably have no idea how many lives you are impacting through your honesty. Second, that even though I don't know you... I am proud of you! You're overcoming great obstacles! And third, isn't God so good to us?

    Shalom! That Hebrew word is translated in our bibles simply as "peace," but the full word in Hebrew has a much more powerful meaning. It literally means, "Nothing missing, nothing broken." That's my prayer for you- that you'd be filled with the SHALOM of God.

  5. Hi I just want to say that I think you are an inspiration, and I really hope that you'll be able to overcome this disease. You've come a long way already, and I'm sure that God will help you along the way. Your story is touching and very important, keep it up!

  6. I came across your blog by clicking the NEXT BLOG function ... and must salute you ... good job in sharing this important and deeply personal part of your life to all at large ... it is inspiring ... all the best

  7. I saw your profile-picture, and I must say you're a beautiful young woman. Not 'pretty', but beautiful. Why and how you could, and can still sometimes think otherwise of yourself, is simply beyond me... I hope everyting will turn out all right. God bless, and take care. +

    -- C. Lucian.

  8. Hey love the post very nice and glad you gain strength from God. Though the media portrays super thin I can tell you us men prefer a healthy looking women, we do not want so skinny you look malnourished. Also most women that seem to struggle with your problem are attractive and skinny in the first place and feel fat though the areas they worry about give that healthy skinny appearance. Also scales should not be used to tell if your fat because a small amount of extra muscle ways the same as a significant extra amount of fat. And some muscle and there is also watter weight that is heavy to. Anyway keep fighting there is freedom in Christ you just have to fight for it and he will fight with you :D

  9. You have a lot of courage to write something like this.Go on!